Interior Design


Designed Living

Taking a thought, a dream, a 'what if' from a mind's eye view into tangible reality,
is what we do.

Helping you move from "I don't know where to start"... to 
"This is exactly what I wanted" is our goal!

Interior Design is space planning for proper function and visual appeal. It is both an artistic expression and a mathematically based endeavor. The process requires using a whole brain approach - asking lots of questions, mentally creating a space, and then developing it in two dimensional drawings for final 3D construction.

Designed Living was developed to create a specific department for assisting customers in reaching the construction phase with a fully developed concept, ready to build.

Designed Living also assists in selection of paint, tile, flooring, etc. for the "look" you want or are searching for. We'll walk beside you through the complete process, to discover the colors, textures, trim and cabinetry that express you and your family. By blending and balancing the various tastes in style, we'll help create a harmonious atmosphere.

Why not let your home be your oasis?
The place you go every day to relax, rejuvenate, entertain, escape, learn, and luxuriate.

Together we can create a place of functional beauty and comfort.

Fees are job specific. They may be weekly, or flat rate.


Contact Linda at: or 517-243-0957